Euvexia was founded and developed by Dr. Sten Ekberg, holistic doctor & Olympic decathlete. Dr. Ekberg was frustrated by the absence of truly natural and exceptional quality supplements available to the public, so he developed his own. The word Euvexia means "True Wellness". Dr. Ekberg's mission is to bring the message of natural health to billions of people.

Directions For Use

Recommended use for euLyte is one scoop per day dissolved in 8 to 12 oz of water however many may prefer to spread it out over the day and drink continuously. Then you can dilute much more such as half a scoop in 16 oz of water or more.

You may need more if you are Physically Active and live in a very warm and humid climate.

If you do an extended fast with no food intake for 36 hours or more it is recommended that you take 2 to 4 Scoops per day depending on body size.

euLyte Electrolytes

euLyte's FAQs can be found on the bottom of the euLyte product page.

euLyte is the first offering, but we plan to bring out many different supplements under the Euvexia brand umbrella.


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Yes. Currently we offer subscription options every 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, and 90 days. If you want it more frequently, you can order 2 or more subscriptions.