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Introducing euLyte, an all natural Zero Sugar Electrolyte Formula!

Our unique blend ensures a balanced delivery of key electrolytes, promoting comprehensive health benefits. This includes optimal hydration, muscle function, and nervous support system support-everything your body needs to perform at its peak.

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Who is euLyte for?

Everybody. Most people are deficient in one or more electrolytes and trace minerals.

What makes euLyte different?
euLyte provides Superior rehydration and works faster and more effectively than water alone in addition it also provides mineral supplementation and micronutrient supplementation long-term plus it even has zinc l-carnazine and manganese glycinate for tissue repair and metabolic and glucose regulation furthermore it may be the only electrolytes powder that has truly natural flavors and colors.
Is it safe to use after the date on the bottle?
Yes, it is completely safe! The date you see on the bottle is the manufacturing date, which indicates when the product was produced, not when it expires. Our electrolyte powder is primarily made of salts and minerals, substances that do not expire, ensuring the product remains effective and safe for consumption many years after its manufacturing date. Our formula is designed for exceptional stability. Salts and minerals, the main ingredients, do not degrade over time. While we recommend storing the bottle sealed with the desiccant to prevent moisture absorption, which could lead to clumping, this does not affect the safety or the nutritional value of the electrolyte powder.
How does euLyte compare to other electrolyte products on the market?
euLyte is the broadest formulation of any electrolyte powder it is also the only one that has truly natural colorings and flavorings as well as the added bonus of zinc L-carnosine and manganese bisglycinate for tissue healing support and blood sugar regulation during fasting.
What is the suggested use for euLyte?
Recommended use for euLyte is one scoop per day dissolved in 8 to 12 oz of water however many may prefer to spread it out over the day and drink continuously. Then you can dilute much more such as half a scoop in 16 oz of water or more. You may need more if you are Physically Active and live in a very warm and humid climate. If you do an extended fast with no food intake for 36 hours or more it is recommended that you take 2 to 4 Scoops per day depending on body size.
 How much Eulyte can you have daily?
The recommended dosage is one scoop a day. However, when you are fasting you can increase it to 2-4 scoops a day depending on body size.
How big is a scoop?
The scoop is 5 grams. 5 grams ≈ 1 1/4 tsp = 1.25 tsp
How do I know if euLyte is working?
If you are dehydrated or lacking in electrolytes you should notice a difference almost immediately. However, it may still be working even if you don't feel any difference because you could have a mild deficiency of one of the electrolytes or one of the trace minerals.
How do I know what my body needs in addition to euLyte?
It is always difficult to know, so you will have to experiment and learn to know yourself or you can find a practitioner who is experienced and skilled in muscle testing.
How much extra salt should I take?
In addition to euLyte powder you can take sodium as needed. Drink it well diluted and depending on how much fluid you drink and how much you sweat you can take up to a teaspoon of salt a day. As long as you don't have kidney disease.
Can I overdose on euLyte?
A healthy person with healthy kidneys cannot overdose on euLyte we recommend that you limited to four scoops a day. Excess consumption might result in diarrhea. You should not take electrolyte powders if you have stage 3B stage 4 or Stage 5 chronic kidney disease.
Why did euLyte give me diarrhea?
Diarrhea can happen if you drink euLyte too concentrated, so then the recommendation is to dilute it more and drink slower. The other reason is if you are sensitive to magnesium. Magnesium is poorly absorbed in general and can cause diarrhea and loose stool in some people.
Is euLyte keto & paleo friendly?
Yes, euLyte has 0 net carbs, 0 calories and is all natural. euLyte is an excellent drink to have on a ketogenic or paleo diet.
Is euLyte Kosher and Halal certified?
euLyte could be Kosher according to our ingredient sources and manufacturing facilities, but we have yet to certify the product. euLyte would likely be Halal certified as well.
It taste too sweet, what should I do?
Try diluting it by adding more water and/or a squirt of lemon. Use 16oz or 32oz of water and/or half a scoop of euLyte.
If you didn’t use sugar to flavor euLyte, what did you use?
Only pure stevia. What gives your powder the yellow color if it isn’t artificially colored? The coloring is from natural sources: turmeric, sodium copper chlorophyllin and spirulina.
Do you have a stevia free version?
This is a great idea, we will look into making a product like this.
Is lemon-lime the only flavor?
Lemon lime is the only flavor at the time of release but we are planning on other flavors shortly.
What if I don’t like how it tastes?
Try diluting it by adding more water and/or a squirt of lemon.
Can I drink euLyte daily?
Yes, euLyte is absolutely safe for everyday use.
Should I take euLyte in the morning or evening or midday?
Whichever you prefer. Minerals can however have a calming effect so people who have trouble sleeping might want to take most of their electrolytes before sleep.
If I’m about to eat a meal, is it better to take euLyte before or after my meal?
It does not matter electrolytes are part of food so they are it is very natural to absorb them with food.
Should I only take euLyte when I’m fasting?
It is recommended to take one scoop a day for regular maintenance, and take two to four scoops when you're fasting depending on body size.
Will euLyte break my fast?
Absolutely not! In fact euLyte was designed to help with fasting. It can help you prolong your fast so you can get more of the benefits from fasting like autophagy. euLyte has no carb and no calories.
Can I do a long term fast using just water and Euvexia's euLyte?
euLyte has all the electrolytes and trace minerals that you need to safely do a long-term fast however you should always consult with your doctor before doing an extended fast.
Can I do intermittent fasting and exercise at the same time?
Yes, but there are conditions to it. Dr. Ekberg has a video on exercise and fasting that should answer this question in detail. Search YouTube Dr. Ekberg Intermittent Fasting & Exercise
What ages do you recommend to use euLyte?
Anyone over the age of one.
Can I give this to my baby instead of Pedialyte?
You should never give your baby Pedialyte it is full of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, etc, etc. Your child would greatly benefit from getting euLyte instead. Half scoop is roughly equivalent to one serving of Pedialyte, but it would give your child a much broader coverage without any of the ill effects of Pedialyte.
Should I give euLyte to my child during soccer practice instead of Gatorade?
I would strongly recommend euLyte over Gatorade in any situation, but also during soccer.
I’m already healthy, should I still be taking euLyte?
Over 90% of people have shown to be deficient in one or more minerals even if they are not symptomatic. Therefore, it is a good idea to take euLyte because it is not only replenishing electrolytes but it also contains 72 trace minerals.
I’m diabetic, how will euLyte impact my blood sugar?
euLyte will not impact your blood sugar at all, in fact some of the minerals may help regulate blood sugar.
I have an ulcer. Can I use euLyte?
euLyte has some citric acid in it, but it is still quite mild when diluted. If you have issues dilute it more.
I have cancer. Can I use euLyte?
Yes, euLyte will not adversely influence the cancer. In fact, euLyte is a powerful support during fasting which has been shown to possibly prevent and/or reverse cancer.
I take Warfarin due to blood clots. Can I use euLyte?
We have not found any contraindications to taking electrolytes when on Wafarin. euLyte does not contain Vitamin K. Before taking any medications, over-the-counter drugs, supplements or herbs, consult a physician for a thorough evaluation.
Why is there Silicon Dioxide?
Silicon Dioxide is an anti-caking agent in virtually all powder products. Without it, the powder would turn into a solid block before you had a chance to use it up. It is a very neutral product and only a problem if inhaled in very large quantities, such as in industrial chronic exposure.
Are the "Natural Lemon-Lime Flavors" truly natural?
Most so called natural colorings and flavorings are not so natural. In fact, that was one of the reasons I made my product, because I could not find anything on the market that would pass my very strict criteria. I even went to the factory to visit, and we were informed that there are "cheap natural", and "expensive natural" flavors and colors. You can rest assured that I selected and used truly natural colorings and flavorings and made sure that all passed my strictest natural criteria.
Is there any vitamin K in euLyte?
There is no Vitamin K in euLyte
Is there iodine in euLyte?
Yes, euLyte has iodine in the form of the Trace Minerals. Due to the amount of Trace Minerals there is a microscopic amount in a serving. The iodine is the form that occurs in the ocean from a clean source.
Why isn't Calcium Carbonate in euLyte?
Calcium Carbonate is the absolute worst form of calcium. It is very poorly absorbed. Calcium Carbonate is also called chalk or limestone.